The Macro Habit Tracking Board


Customize your Macro Habit Tracking Board
Here is your chance to customize your Macro Habit Tracking Board!

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The Macro Habit Tracking Board

Macro Habit Tracking Board

The Macro Habit Tracking Board is a first of it’s kind tool that helps individuals to think about, create, and focus on their “cornerstone” habits.

The Macro Habit Tracking Boards are fully customizable because we know that we all have unique things that are important to us.

Most, if not all of us have tried a “Daily Planner” or “Habit Planner” and most of use got 10%, 20%, 50% of the way through and haven’t opened it since.  We get it, life is crazy and habits are difficult to create and sustain.

From a behavioral perspective after countless hours of research and interviewing high performers we experimented with many different idea’s and forms to finally uncover the secret of building habits.

Not only is this functional and highly effective as a tool to help you better nail down your cornerstone habits, but it is also a beautifully crafted showpiece for your office, living space or bedroom.

The beautiful thing about it is you can customize not only the inspirational quotes, but also the wood stain, bead colors and of course with the whiteboard inserts… it allows you to write the habits that are important to you.


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