At Illumine Academy we understand that in order to help people transform their lives deeply we have to get to know them at a deeper level.


Here is the catch, the person we are helping (You) must also know themself at a deeper level as well. We can’t help you until you know who you are and we know who you are.

What is Conation?

The most important word you’ve never heard of…

Conation is action derived from instinct; purposeful mode of striving, volition. It is a conscious effort to carry out self-determined acts.

The Latin ‘conatus‘, from which conation is derived, is defined as “any natural tendency, impulse, or directed effort.

The simple 36 question index is backed by:

  • 40 years of research
  • Results are measurable and repeatable
  • 25 + year ongoing study where results for participants are 95% consistent.
  • It doesn’t deal with the “Thinking” or “Feelings” part of the mind, it deals with the “Doing”

Essentially you could take this test when at 15 years of age, 25 years of age, 60 years of age and your results will be the same!

This is who you are when free to be yourself!



Q: What value did you see in the process?
A: Knowing my ‘weaknesses’ can be complimentary
Q: What value did you see in the report and tools? *
A: Better understanding of how I approach problem solving.
Q: In what way or ways do you feel you have a better understanding of yourself and those you work with after working with us? *
A: Being able to identify in the moment when I am leveraging one of my attributes.
Q: What were some of your favorite parts of the Innate Strengths/Team Success Workshop? *
A: Watching the people make those toys! Loved displaying the accuracy.
Keith Mercado

Sr Manager Operations, T-Mobile

If you were a Point Guard going to work and playing against Centers all day everyday, you would feel ineffective, over worked and unable to reach your potential as a Point Guard.


In basketball, it’s obvious… in life it isn’t